Diaries of a KliK® Sound Education Practitioner: What I See When Children Meet With Sound.

Diaries of a KliK® Sound Education Practitioner: What I See When Children Meet With Sound.

KliK® Sound Education is a program that uses therapeutic Singing Bowls to enhance a child’s learning, using all your senses. This method was founded by Peter Hess, a German engineer in the 1980’s. It was said that he was a lonely, only child and as an adult he travelled to Nepal in search of happiness. During this time, he came across the singing bowl and was instantly struck by its beauty and sound. He obtained this bowl and returned to Germany to create a program that bought happiness and health in one’s life.

This program has brought happiness into my life, as I have personally suffered from anxiety from the age of small child. Through Kundalini Yoga and Peter Hess Sound Therapy, I have been able to help myself and my students create calmness in order to learn.

I have worked with a number of students; one in particular named Devin. Devin lives with autism, experiencing a difficulty to remain calm when he is overwhelmed by sensory input. The singing bowls support Devin through the subtle sounds, in this process he learns to trust and relax, which allows him to reset his system. The subtlety of the sound is so pleasant that Devin can finally relax and adjust his nervous system, previously in high alert.

I have been in a number of schools; with a memorable experience in South Balajurra, where I collaborated with a friend to deliver KlikⓇ Sound Education. It was common for me to witness children that were suffering from various traumas, some fleeing their home countries to due war for example. Many teachers were so surprised at how relaxed these children were after one session. They were engaged and enthusiastic in being part of the sound therapy. Some students with emotional needs were able to relax and followed by writing about their experience. Using their own words to explain their feelings, is an amazing thing to witness in the setting of the class room.

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