Sound Science

Nada Brahma Genesis

Our earth was birthed in the cosmos by divine energy vibration of OM or AUM. All things on earth, both living and non-living, including humans are considered vibrational beings having human experience on earth. Our human bodies, in the presence of sound, experiences profound effect of energy shifts.. It can either “excite” – dance to the beat or “calm us” – be in meditative relaxed state, such is the play of Nada Brahma.

Presence of Earthly Nada Brahma

Fascinating it is!!! The presence of quantum consciousness can be felt, every nano-second of our lives. Be it creation of music, sound of babies, hustle of wind-blown leaves, ringing of temple bells, blowing of conch, beating of the drums, tapping of our feet, music from Radio, the unmatched frequency of the train moving on tracks, clapping with our hands, & so on…. are all Nada Brahma Forms.

The vocal cords of the humans are met to vibrate at various frequencies to experience harmonizing effect on our emotional, etheric and physical body. When the indigenous play the drums, digeridoos, whistle and use singing bowls, the players invoke the quantum presence in the form of tones and binaural beats. It is the process of awakening of our Nada Brahma from within.


Role of Nada Brahma Frequencies

Our universe vibrates across frequencies, allowing us to experience the magnificence and the existence of sound spectrum. When this frequency is out of balance, illnesses occurs. Sound healing, when applied on our bodies, it brings realignment and harmony. Healing Sounds or Sonic waves can be felt through human voice (chanting, singing, toning) or with the use of an Sonic instruments such as singing bowls, tuning forks, chimes or other electronic equipment’s.


Effect of Nada Brahma Frequencies

The sonic waves and its frequencies when in vibration shall gradually form a ‘sonic envelope’ around our bodies. The waves are felt are harmonic sounds gently embracing our whole being, taking our chattering mind through emotional landscapes, colourful vistas, conveys feeling of safety and security, insights and visions into calmness and clarity. The subtle sound vibrations can be felt physically as the waves enters the skin, tissue, organs, bones and body fluids throughout the body. The muscles relax and blood circulation and lymph flow are stimulated. In the relaxation process, it regenerates breathing, heartbeat, pulse, skin resistance, blood pressure, metabolism and digestive system.