Sonic Master

Sonic Master

Manan Sharma

CEO Nada Brahma, Sound Engineer, International Sonic Solopreneur & Professional Sound Master

Manan Sharma h organically evolved in the field of Sonic Energy and has in-depth experiences with sound spectrums since the age of 19. His extraordinary passion for Sound and miracles he has witnessed led to him becoming International Sound Solopreneur.  For 25 years of experience, many Sound Gurus from across the globe source Sonic instruments from him. Manan, also provides professional Sound therapeutic training and associated services, with an aim to heal communities, until the last mile.

He has been in the forefront of reviving the Sound Bowl Cottage Industry and believes in fair trade. He is an optimist, and is passionate to serve and make difference in people’s lives. He envisions an integrated Sound Healing environment blended with the Medical & Health Care Industry, such that many can experience the power of Nada Brahma in times of distress & pain. He continues to act as Sound Catalyst by spreading awareness of holistic living and well-being among everyone.