5 Elements Deep Healing Residential Retreat, Goa 28th Feb – 5th March 2023

5 Elements Deep Healing Residential Retreat, Goa 28th Feb – 5th March 2023

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MEDITATONES brings Sacred Souls Awakening Series to FEEL your ZEN. You shall HEAL, BREATHE, REJUVENATE through continuous sacred sound immersions & integrated energy work. Be in wonder of your ecological connections with Panchaboothas and wander through the energy high sensitive place catalysing the deepest and profound healing of yourself.

Awaken your INNER ZEN

Sacred Sonic Series


  • Exploration of soul, mind & connection with your body
  • Expand your senses –  feel your 6th Sense
  • Eliminate Resistances- ACTIVATE- RELEASE-REPAIR- RELAX
  • Enhance your Law of Vibration understanding
  • Experience Brain-Heart Coherence, Chakra Balancing, Body Alignment, Aura, Breath work, Vocal Toning, Body Awareness, Mindfulness, Full REJUVENATION,
  • Exclude your Fears/ Limiting Beliefs/ Anger/ Anxiety
  • Engage in Building Trust, Facing uncertainty, Feeling Calm, Open to birthing a New You –  Camp Fires, Vipassana, Shamanic Drumming
  • Inculcate ”Discover Your ZEN” daily practice for life


Spiritual Healing Experience


Anchoring Experience, Exploration – Journey

  • Nurture and Nourish the Self
  • Deep Experiential Sound Healing Sessions – Every Day – 10 Sound Sessions
  • Heartfulness Meditation
  • Breath work Techniques
  • 6 senses inner stimulus & Exploration
  • Panchabhooth Integration
  • Energy Healing Tools, Techniques & Remedies (Bach Flower & Essence Oil Therapy)
  • Sky Gazing & Shamanic Connect

By participating you are giving yourself Undivided Attention

To Seek and Learn

CHOICE – give yourself a opportunity to know yourself,

CHANCE – deep dive experience into the cosmic presence,

CLARITY – regain focus on self & shift in perspective towards your life,

CULTIVATE – new neural connections through daily habits & practice of discovering yourself in your life journey, 

CONNECTION – healing and Sacred Support tribe

CAPABITLITIES – explore your hidden treasures,

COHERANCE – rebuild knowing your purpose and evolving true quality of life


Discover Your Zen in

Deep Experiential Healing Journey


GOA, INDIA (28th February – 5th March 2022)

We welcome you to discover the Joy of living your life by discovering your ZEN.

  • 5 night accommodation by the beach front
  • Absorb – Observe – Reflect everyday
  • Nurture yourself with daily morning walks
  • Energize your body by connecting with nature
  • Experience mind-body detox through 10 Sound Healing Sessions
  • Activate your senses using Essential oils / Bach flower remedies
  • Calm your nerves and sense using energy healing tools
  • Journal by the beach
  • Tone your voice everyday
  • Immerse in sacred silence
  • Invoke the fire energy and burn the past
  • Count the Stars and feel the psychic moon energy
  • Intent for a well-balanced joyous energized life
  • Enjoy swimming in the pool while doing a sound cleanse
  • Nourish your soul with nutritious food (breakfast – lunch- dinner)
  • Explore the Yin & Yang and its harmony from within

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Retreat Energy Exchange

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Pay 10% – Initial Non-refundable pay

Reserve your space now with an initial payment

Full Payment NOW – 10% discount – No Booking Fee

INR 54000/- USD 675 AED 2700

Pay over time

Cant pay in full? Pay on or before 15th February 2023

On or Before 15th JAN 2023 – INR 20000/- USD 250 AED1000

On or before 31st JAN 2023 – INR 20000/- USD 250 AED1000

On or before 15th FEB 2023 – INR 20000/- USD 250 AED 1000

Flexible Booking?

Can’t Travel for personal unavoidable circumstances? Let us know 30 days in advance. Save your deposit (not non-refundable fee) and use it for the next series.

The retreat Energy Exchange is USD 749$, INR 59,999 & AED 2999 for 6 Days and 5 nights. It includes Deep Experiential Healing using multi-energy modalities and allied techniques (day and night), luxury accommodation, & nutritive full course meals (breakfast/lunch/dinner), camp fires, essential oils / bach flower theraphy, vipasanna and breathwork. You shall have access to swimming pool, and beach during your stay.

Not Included – Any Kind Travel – Transportation of National / International / Local

All other expenses are not borne by the organizers and shall be charged to you individually by the Hotel. Kindly provide details below to complete the registration process.

By signing you are also aware of the following requirements to be met with for participating in this retreat, which are

1. Participants shall arrive on before 28th morning IST, as the lunch is available from 28th February 1:00pm IST and the Introductory Program of the Retreat shall begin at 4:30pm IST. Your return tickets shall be for 5th after 12 noon IST. 

2. International participants shall inform their arrival date and time which will allow the organizers to facilitate early arrival booking and the payments shall be as per actuals. 

3. International participants can extend their stay at the same premises post retreat and the transactions are to be made with the hotel manager. Details shall be provided upon request.

4. Participants are expected to pay for their local travel to the hotel from the airport and return.

5. The Workshop Details and requirements shall be presented to you 15 days before the retreat.

6. You shall make fully payment for this retreat by 15th February 2023

7. Bring with you – shawl, blanket, water bottle, eye wear, swim wear and yoga mats. 

8. You shall make arrangements for your to-fro travel (international travel) and based on your request local travel arrangements will be made from Goa Airport to Hotel and Viz. This is chargeable and to be paid to the service provider.

9. You shall make arrangements for your visas, travel and health insurance, and its costs shall be borne by you.

10. You must adhere to Covid protocols as required by the Indian Government and shall follow the restrictions as stated in the hotel premises.

11. Carry your medicals and medical certificates, and medications, as required.

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